Midleton School Level test

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La siguiente prueba de nivel nos permitirá conocer tu nivel de inglés en las diferentes áreas del idioma: comprensión auditiva, comprensión lectora, expresión escrita y gramática. Por favor realiza la prueba sin ningún tipo de ayuda ni diccionario. Por último recuerda que una vez vayas avanzando en la prueba no podrás regresar a la sección anterior.

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Part 2: Grammar

Choose the right answer from the four options and click the button.



In this section, please circle the letter of the correct version.


Hysterical flight attendant causes panic on transatlantic flight.
Everything was going smoothly on Virgin Atlantic flight VS043 from London Gatwick to Las Vegas. The 451 passengers were relaxing after lunch when the plane hit some turbulence over Greenland. There was no advance warning, so many passengers were out of their seats or were not wearing seat belts when the plane started dropping violently.
Suddenly one of the flight attendants screamed, ‘We’re going to crash!’ Panic immediately broke out. In the 30 minutes of chaos, passengers desperately clung to their seats, as drinks and magazines flew around the cabin. Amid the terror, the flight attendant screamed every time the plane dropped.
Businesswoman Angela Marshall was travelling with her partner. ‘Until then the flight had been fine ‘, she said afterwards. ‘ I’d been reading my book and my partner had been having a nap. But when the flight attendant started screaming, I was totally convinced that we were about to die. ’
Another passenger said, ‘it was unreal, like something from a film. People started crying and being sick. That woman shouldn’t be a flight attendant. After we landed she was joking and laughing as if nothing has happened, but we all staggered off the plane in a state of shock. ‘

Listen to the following fragment and answer the questions.

6. Foreign languages spoken
7. Work experience
You can select one or more options
You can select one or more options

You have decided to enter a short story competition. The competition rules say that the story must begin or end with the following sentence:

Suddenly I heard a noise behind me.

Write your story for the competition (120 - 180 words in an appropriate style).

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